Great King – Do you pick out your woman’s clothes?

Great King Live Forever!!!

Great King – Do you pick out your woman’s clothes?

I love this article – it talks about the pleasant surprise that this woman received when she let HIM pick out what he wanted her to wear, for an entire week.

Initially, she was extremely worried – but that quickly turned to joy as she realized that he actually knew what he was about.

I’ve learned that this is a fantastic opportunity for deepening pleasure in your relationship that is often overlooked. People often comment on how beautiful my Namaste is attired – what they do not know is that I select and purchase everything that she wears. When I say everything – I mean EVERYTHING.

All her beautiful, colorful Sari’s – all imported from India, I handpicked each and every one. All her outfits, shoes etc. I buy them all. I don’t do much accessorizing – I generally leave that part to her, but if it’s clothing related, I definitely make the purchase.

Why, you may ask? Because I love her and this is a way of showing love in a tangible fashion! (pun intended)

Also – I know the colors and textures that I love and I’ve made it my business to learn what looks good on her.

Initially, when we first started this experiment there were as the saying goes, ‘unknown unknowns’! I literally didn’t know what I didn’t know – but I was seriously motivated by what I loved to see on her!

Along the way I’ve learned a TON about fabrics and quality stitching and a host of minutiae about women’s fashion, my wife is an incredible fountain of wisdom and we’ve had the most amazing conversations about color theory and the alchemy of adornment while I search out wonderful things to accentuate her frame and bring joy and pleasure to both of us.

The bottom line? When she has a closet full of things that I’ve hand selected for her, it is literally impossible for her to put on an outfit that isn’t delightful for BOTH of us. Her attire becomes a source of love and confidence – she already knows that whatever it is, I already LOVE it, and that makes the wearing of it so much more fun!!!

And as much as we love all y’all – the most important thing is that we find delight in each other…and THAT is the secret ingredient that allows us to pursue our life’s work helping relationships grow and thrive because we can give from our overflow!!!

So, Kings – talk to your Queen and get that wardrobe rocking!!! As the guy on the suit commercial says…You’ll Absolutely LOVE it….I guarantee it!

– Richard