The Way Through Duality

Teaching.. Consciousness and expansion into True Self as All… And the place of Masculine and Feminine essence within that paradigm…

Based on my comment to another post…It is long but worth it

The distinction between Masculine Essenced beings and Feminine Essenced beings is part of my great Work at this point in the space time continuum and it is typically not discussed in many consciousness oriented circles beyond saying that everyone has both and does both if they get to high enough consciousness- which is true in part when viewed through one facet but incomplete in many ways and definitely does not make other facets less relevant or lower in consciousness. It’s as if what is being expressed subtly is “we are one with everything” while not acknowledging that the expression of my localized self, a table and a chair each have distinct and valid positions in their current form in relationship to each other, and that distinction is also a facet and actually an expression of the Absolute not a departure from it. 

In short (or long…lol) Yes my Seeing is that the Masculine is the lens and direction through which many of a (specific teacher) teachings take place. It is very palpable. That doesn’t make them irrelevant they simply hold the Masculine pole and I know that the expression of that same energy will look substantially distinct through my essence and embodiment than it does through his, and that distinction does not lessen it.

Yes, most consciousness teachings, and spiritual modalities come through Masculine Essence beings and also hold that frequency, but many will say it does not matter. Of late there is a rising of many teachings coming through feminine beings and holding feminine frequency as well… But the issue still remains in that it is taught that it doesn’t matter. Rather than the belief that it doesn’t matter and if we just know enough, evolve enough, do the work enough -it won’t matter, my Knowing says… The distinction matters, it’s not oppositionally polarized but rather polarized compliments.

I also know as one who has been immersed in this work for decades and also living in life partnership for 14 years with one who has been doing this work for 40+ years, that teachings will shift as a result of the experience of living in partnership with a Polarized essenced being.
There is a reason in most traditions partnership was necessary in order to attain certain levels. You simply can not grok certain understandings without it. More interestingly one often can not access the Awareness that those understandings even exist without it. (Hence why it is denied, ignored or neutralized by many)

I have found that It is good to reCall and ReMember -Everything that is being taught now has been taught before and will be taught again… None of it is new, and if we look back through eyes not clouded with judgment we can see.

Lastly, I would say that yes the Feminine does Descend down… We go down as our route towards Absolute down into deeper Embodiment Physically which is where the gate (imprecise word, but it will do for now) lies for us, the Masculine goes up for the same experience. Hence differences in expression with huge distinctions and yet arriving at the same space.

They are both valid and distinct paths… It is not (as has been expressed by some) a “goal” to obtain Neutrality with Polarity being irrelevant for we live in a Universe (actually a multiverse) of Diversity. Why would we deeply understand this truth in all ways and yet deny it as Evolved or expression of Highest Self when it comes to Masculine/Feminine essence? It is because this Truth as expressed in Masculine/Feminine polarization shows us Viscerally the expression of that which we tend to try to internalize logically. The Mystery that diversity is not simply an aspect of the Absolute it is its expression, and we literally are incomplete in our individual localized expression without coming into close Companionship with our Polarized compliment, just as the All is incomplete without… All.

The way through duality is then not through neutrality but by Understanding the hidden… That the two must be one… Distinct and United.

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