What is the Greatest Thing that Undermines a Woman’s Ability to have a Happy Relationship?

The greatest thing that undermines a woman’s ability to have a happy relationship with herself as well as a Masculine Complement, is not the narrative of her own life- but her internalization of the narrative that is fed to her by her family/society:

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The internalization of this narrative causes her to constantly define, dissect, and judge both herself and her Love based on the similarities or distinctions between the reality of her life and what she has been taught/told that she should concern herself with, what she should/shouldn’t be, what he should/shouldn’t be.

This inner narrative then erodes the seeds of love, the ability to have compassion, the willingness to understand or connect more deeply with self or Partner.

It’s killing you darling… softly and slowly.

Time to replace it with a deep connection to your SELF. bit.ly/Feminine10

In Love,


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