On Healing Your Parent Wound

On healing your parent wound:

Parents have many pressures…

If a Parent celebrates a child’s intellect- they will be accused of pressing the child to get good grades
If a parent makes no note of the child’s intellect, they are accused of not acknowledging their intelligence.
If a parent says a child is beautiful- they are pressuring them in regard to their looks
If they never call the child beautiful- they are undermining their sense of beauty.
If a parent buys the child everything they’re indulgent
If they don’t but the child everything- they are selfish and teaching the child lack
If a parent makes the decisions they deem best, they are accused of denying the child’s agency.
If they allow the child to decide what they think is best, the patent is considered foolish because after all, that’s a child.

If I choose I could go on and on…

These are simply examples of the wounds carried by many people concerning their relationship with their parents. The dichotomy has long fascinated me and I’d often ask Spirit which one in each pairing is “right”.

Recently I received the answer

“The wound remains because they have forgotten why their parents did what they did. Every parent holds encoded within their DNA the contract between them and the soul that is known as Their Child.

Each soul has decided to come to have certain experiences and to learn certain lessons in certain ways. The precise way the child is raised reflects that truth. The parent begins their role of code activation immediately unconsciously, every word, action, experience being a line of programming to point the child in the direction of the lessons and experiences they have chosen to have when they were in the non-physical.

To judge the parent is to judge the contract. It is good to forgive, it is better to realize there is nothing TO forgive, but rather to be thankful for the devotion your parents showed to the path you chose.

This is also why some judge parents as treating children different from one another, each contract is distinct and so is each experience.”

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