Lessons in Feminine Stages

For the modern western woman…The idea of being Able to do anything she wants has evolved into the expectation that she will do it all, all the time.

Here’s the biggest freedom I can offer…
This isn’t serving you my love, so let it go.

Doing everything means something suffers. This is why humanity has always had what I call “ages and stages”, this being the idea that within each age of a man or woman’s life, there are certain stages, activities, responsibilities, freedoms and privileges. This type of life way is sublime in its wisdom as it:

* Prevents regret
* Creates anticipation
* Furthers presence into the present
* Alleviates anxiety that one should do more or other than what one is doing.
* Provides a container for “right behaviour” which we are wired to desire

The lack of ages and stages creates chaos, with everyone trying to do everything, refusing to go on to the next stage, attempting to get privileges that are not at one’s present stage and the like…

It’s time to honor the wisdom of the Spiral and to understand our Feminine Stages.

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