I am Namaste Moore

I have lived many lifetimes… In this one.

At the age of 6 I declared I wanted to help women have babies.

I was told that’s called an Ob/gyn. So I declared I wanted to be that!

At 6 I was molested by a female babysitter.

At the age of 11 I did my science fair project on Menstruation and the Female Reproductive System (with appropriate diagrams and 3-D models) which went to the state level.

At 12 I was molested by my stepfather.

At 13 I began reading every book I could get my hands on about relationships, how to interact with the opposite sex, how are men? How are women? Paying attention to the differences between us.

At the age of 15, I began working in an Ob/Gyns office who specializes in Infertility- doppling women, taking blood pressure, weighing them… Basic back office procedures and being known in the office for being able to find ferning (a sign of impending ovulation) with 100% accuracy (not even the nurses could do it). I observed the way the women felt to me energetically, the way the related to their husbands, their personal history and noticed a corollary in what was showing up physically.

At this point, I also began to go deeper in my studies in herbalism, crystals, metaphysics etc in earnest. Because I was also a born again Christian it was a bit challenging.

I was the go-to person in school for any female issues. My mother’s friends and female members of our church would come to me for any female health related concerns, BEFORE going to their doctor and then come back for my natural treatment recommendations after diagnosis.

At 17 I was date raped by a boyfriend. (I later found out he was in his thirties)

By 18 I had married my first husband birthed my first child, delivered by a nurse midwife at which point I decided that if I went into birthing it’d be via midwifery. I began to study relationships from a practical level now.

By this point I’d noticed a few things. The way women were handled in gynecological exams, the invasive nature of them, how violated I felt no matter how good the Drs bedside manner. I began to look at the energy of it and it was disturbing. I began to do some research and question the whole western medicine system. This wasn’t easy for me because I’d wanted to be a part of it for basically my entire life.

There’s is much more to my story…

All of which is to say… When I’m speaking about the internalized, subtle, and pervasive beliefs most women carry about their Yoni, about their Femininity, about being a woman and how this deep pervasive distrust is what causes the vast majority of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental suffering I see in women… It’s not a theory or something I came up with overnight. It’s not a cute meme. It’s something I’ve been studying, researching, and working with my whole life, helping women understand and heal the Physical, the mental, the Spiritual, the emotional.

This is why I have had to live so many lifetimes in this one lifetime. This is why I have to share so much of me in all my facets… Maternal, lover, wife, artist, self-adornment, high Priestess, healer, Oracle. Because my path is one of being an embodiment and Ikon. This is what everything that I do with women is about… Wholeness for your WHOLE BEING.

Your life can be transformed. Your pain can become pleasure. The thing you think is your liability is actually your greatest gift. Your femininity in all its forms and expressions is what the world needs it’s what moves mountains with ease and it’s the place you’ll find the fulfillment your heart has been longing for my love.

Stop running.

This is Feminine Alchemy and it’s here for you.

I’m Namaste Moore, and I’m your Feminine Alchemist.