On Masculine/Feminine Relationships

On Masculine/Feminine Relationships

Okay, darlings…

Let’s understand instinct.
When we say “it’s not the nature of…”
We’re talking about the inner guiding. The innate internal direction of.
Instinct is that internal compelling (impelling if you will) that causes one to do something.

And we humans have it as well.
Sadly in our quest for civilization we’ve demonized instinct and replaced it with social and societal expectations.

This means don’t focus on what you internally are drawn towards… Focus on what others tell you to be drawn towards.
The problem is we aren’t wired to be fulfilled by that.
We may get a nice shot of dopamine. But that wears off very quickly and we end up right back where we started.

That’s why external pressure doesn’t create lasting change.

Now let’s talk Masculine and Feminine relationships…

Ladies, this is why nagging him, pressuring him, pushing him, shaming isn’t going to WORK.

Men instinctively resist and resent that behavior.
You will instinctively hold any man in contempt that allows that behavior.

You being a Feminine woman, embodying Femininity is a state that brings you joy and fulfillment and also because the Universe is incredibly wise… The Masculine has an instinctual response to this that desires to provide and protect.

Yes in general to some degree, but in a greater degree to the woman that he perceives as “his”.

It’s not about a vagina, though. It’s not our yonis that awaken that instinct. It’s our femininity.

It’s not a coat we can put on, it’s not a dress we can wear, it’s an energy we occupy entirely.

When a woman is masculine or neutral she will not arouse this instinct because men don’t instinctively protect other MEN.

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