Is Your Life Your Own

Let’s take a little quiz darling to see if your life is your own, take a moment to think and feel before answering each question, most days means 5 of the last 7 days or 20 days in the last 30:

1. Do you eat the food you desire to eat most meals?
2. Do you awaken at the time that feels good for you most days?
3. Do you eat at the times you are hungry and desire to most days?
4. Do you rest when you desire to rest and as long as you want to rest most days?
5. Do you have as much sexual pleasure as you long for most days?
6. Do you give the amount of physical touch and affection you desire most days?
7. Do you make the amount of money you want to make most days?
8. Do you observe and participate in the types of spiritual practice that feel good and fulfilling to you most days?
9. Do you dress and adorn yourself in ways that reflect how you see yourself most days?
10. Do you give your honest unguarded opinion in regard to things that are of import to you?
11. Do you enjoy the types of entertainment and experiences you desire to most days?
12. Do you earn money from doing things you enjoy doing most days?
13. Do you behave and embody in ways that feel good and authentic to you most days?
14. Do you feel supported by your environment and friends most days?

In each area where your answer is no, that’s an aspect where your life is NOT yours. Your precious life energy is going to someone or something else. This is only a problem when you
1. Don’t realize it.
2. Don’t realize it’s a choice
3. Are giving it to someone or something you don’t want to.

Take the time to do this little self-check darlings and when and where necessary… Make the change!

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