Advocating for YOUR Health and Body

Beloveds –

I want to offer some insight to you… this may sting a bit but Spirit is speaking so I must.

Please stop giving your body away to the medical profession.

As a doula, my job was to not only support my mamas – but to teach them advocacy. While this is true for mothers- I’m often astounded at how often others also don’t know how to advocate for themselves and simply hand their health over to someone else – regardless of education. YOU are 100% responsible for your health and maintain 100% authority over your body.

Some things to consider:

*Health is your DEFAULT. Your body is created to know how to regenerate, evolve, heal, cleanse, filter, and rejuvenate itself. This is built into EVERY natural organism for the survival of the organism. We create or experience patterns and habits that get in the way and prevent this from occurring. Illness is simply a sign that something is impeding the natural process of health that is innate to you. Health is not earned, nor is illness some sort of punishment. Illness is our bodies request for rest, support for rebuilding or support with cleansing. SUPPORT – not SAVING.

*Your Human Experience is created based on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. ALL 4 bodies create and contribute to the crystalline element that is the Physical experience. While Western medicine has many studies that indicate the effects of the mind, emotions, and spirit on the physical our current paradigm does not allow for Dr’s to recommend those things as definitive treatment. Keep this in mind.

* Your health is NOT determined by check-ups, tests, and diagnostics. Health has nothing to do with this. This is disease awareness and while it has its place it should not be confused with health care.

* Your Dr. does not make decisions for you. Your Dr.s job is to give you information, provide medical OPINION and then offer whatever care is permitted based on their care protocols, corporate offices, and insurance policies. The decision ALWAYS remains with you. Please stop feeling like if your Dr. wants something that doesn’t feel good you have to do it.

* Women – please get intimately familiar with your body BEYOND the clinical. Your breasts need touch beyond looking for cancer. Your Yoni’s first exploration should be at your hands, or the hands of a lover – not on the end of a speculum. Your Womb is an important aspect of your being not simply a warehouse for children. Women’s Healthcare is about CARE – not just finding what’s wrong.

* Options are your responsibility to research and seek out. Just because an answer isn’t known by your Dr. doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because it’s not in this country doesn’t make it inferior. The Universe has provided a plethora of healing modalities

* Have you ever noticed that when someone is ill they are “given” a certain amount of time. Your life is yours. No one can give you a certain amount of time or take it away. This is actually a subconscious program that suggests that someone else can determine this for you.

Take some time my loves to get clear with yourself and communicate with your body. No, this is NOT me saying abandon western medicine or suddenly stop taking your medication. This is me saying to OWN your BODIES. All of them. Make conscious decisions. And regardless of if you seek western medicine, eastern medicine, energy healing, prayer, or something else – address what’s under the illness as a needful aspect of being truly well.

I love your face!

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