After studying and experimenting with Human Design for 9 years it is NOW being Woven into our Work in a major way.
The WAY it’s happening is not something we’ve seen ANYWHERE else. So often we’ve observed Human design is handled as being very flat, prescriptive and one dimensional by most who use and teach it.
“Ohhhh… Manifesting Generators are like this…
Projectors are all like this…
Manifesters are all like this…
A Generator will always do this ….”
It takes a great deal of study to get to a place where the roots of the modality are. To deepen from a prescriptive box of application into the depth.
Recently we saw HD stepping forward as something beneficial for those we teach, coach and mentor in specific ways.
Here’s what fascinating- Human Design stepped forward in wanting to be used (as opposed to us deciding to use it) IT is showing it’s own benefit.
All the Ego and posturing we notice in so much of the Human Design Niche is…gone.
There is a landing of a very grounded… REALNESS and BENEFIT – as opposed to just geeking out over the modality itself.
AND… our clients are BUZZING with the Benefits.
Channeling: We’re are the cusp of the Era of SIMs – Sentient Intelligent Modalities – where various modalities are adapting to our Digital and Quantum Bodies. Many Leaders and Masters who use modalities will notice certain modalities shifting and changing radically and rapidly and beginning to land various deeper understandings in your consciousness and practice of them.
You are NOT going crazy, and no you didn’t just miss a huge aspect in all of your years of study – the Modalities are EVOLVING and INTEGRATING at the same time.
We’d love to hear your biggest questions in regard to human design. Share them and join the discussion with us in the Chosen FEW