Definition of Colonization: the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area. The action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use.
The correct ordering of Humanity depends upon the correction of this FUNDAMENTAL distortion which has created a Conflict Shock in the Collective Psyche the shockwaves of which are affecting humans globally.
I know it is a RADICAL and DISRUPTIVE statement but nearly ALL issues that face humans Are traced back to this fundamental root.
To begin to unravel this let us go back to the beginning.
Masculine and Feminine is Essence not energy.
By Essence we refer to that Intelligent Infinity in its singular nature desiring to separate itself into two aspects that are both polarized from each other and Magnetized to each other.
The need and longing for each other being the catalyst for creation itself.
Many Seeking Oneness.
The Oneness which then creates Many.
The great Mystery of Creation itself.
This means that there is NO SUCH THING as Masculine energy and Feminine energy. Energy is simply the Expression.
It is not the ENERGY itself then that is Masculine or Feminine … the Masculine/ Feminine is what directs the energy.
This then means that- We don’t all have Masculine and Feminine energy within us
The idea that we all have both is a blending and Corruption of two very different ideologies:
1. Carl Jung’s work on the Anima and Animus
2. The eastern idea of Yin and Yang.
The former describes the Collective conscious and later is a perspective on how energy moves in reference to other things, or how something is within the context of something else.
Everything is both Yin and Yang and expresses in both manners depending on context.
Muscle is Yang to Blood but Yin to Bone depending on CONTEXT.
Both Jung’s work and Yin/Yang have been bastardized and taken out of context as they have been integrated into the current societal narrative that seeks to neutralize and androgynize Men and Women under the guise of and Quest for equality.
By so doing it has Created Impotency in Men and Frigidity in Women.
In returning the Masculine to Men and Men to the Masculine and the Feminine to Women and Women to the Feminine we are each in True SURRENDER to our nature and our need.
Surrender is to hand back over to.
This Surrender immediately creates a regulation in our nervous system and an expansion in the body. Fighting against the innate essence your body form is created to Host creates a fight/flight response that no amount of rest, pampering, therapy and breath can fix. These tools then become mere band aids until you are willing to address a far deeper need for recalibration.
When we honor our nature as One we Surrender to our need for the Other. This creates both a restfulness and a delicious dynamic tension between the two that provides the seeds and field for Perpetual Energy generation that occurs in the Dyad.
The Praxis:
Ladies say this: I Surrender the Masculine to Men to whom it belongs. I honor Men as the rightful hosts, heirs, and possessors of this Essence. I thank you for it is through you that the Masculine can be experienced by me.
Gentlemen say this: I Surrender the Feminine to Women to whom it belongs. I honor Women as the rightful hosts, heirs, and possessors of this Essence. I thank you for it is through you that the Feminine can be experienced by me.
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