Learn how to choose and choose well

Ladies your power to Attract, Allure, Align and Choose your partner is EVERYTHING.
At the end of my former marriage I began a deep study.
I noticed that the more breakups and divorce a person has the more LIKELY a person is to have another one.
There’s an energetic piece there and a practical one.
I went on a deep dive into HOW to pick well and HOW to stay together.
Two legs that walk together in creating Lifelong Union.
It ALL begins with the work of choosing.
Unfortunately the spirirtual and consciousness communities have women focusing on what makes for a good dating life and hot sex and NOT what makes for MARRIAGE.
Yes.. The energy and attraction matters.
In order to find your partner you have to do many things that all of the woo woo crowd will tell you not to worry about.
Beginning in 6 days I’m taking women through A Mentorship in Dating for Marriage that is BEYOND what you’ve seen before.
The Feminine has something to say to SINGLE ladies who have a heart for LIFELONG Union. She has secrets to share…about your nature and his heart.
Are you ready? Reach out to InfiniteLife Team to join.