Lessons of the Loom

Come sit by the loom my love so that you may learn one of the deepest Feminine Mysteries…

Weaving was given to women so that we might know that we have place and the mysteries of our being.

The foundation threads are without color or adornment and in truth they are not seen at all when the piece is done and yet without them, it would not exist. This is to teach the Elder women to not envy youth, and the young to respect and stay connected to the elder…for the elder are the foundation.

Each thread goes under and yet again goes over… No thread is always over nor always under. No thread resists being in both positions. This is to teach women that we both support others and lift them and are supported and lifted… And that these two states are an ongoing process…it is as natural as breathing and even though you may not see it, Learn to trust it.

The colors are a cacophony blending together to make new patterns, new shapes, new images. Look closely and you will notice that even the size of each thread varies…adding texture and depth. The Weaver has an eye for shade and width…and when each is needed. This is to teach women the distinction between discerning and judgment, for you discern based on desired result and you judge based on finding what is wrong. Learn to love diversity, and to take pleasure in the texture of life.

Notice how the Weaver touches the threads often..pressing them together, altering tension- for this creates strength and ensures it will last for generations. This teaches you to not fear tension, understand that a bit of pressure may simply be a repositioning…and about of rubbing creates resilience and flexibility.

Allow yourself to learn this art that you may learn yourself.

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In love,


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