Living in Largess Part I

In the last week of October we made $67,000.
In a week.
And I’m so THANKFUL.
So full and expanded.
I’ve noticed something- the more prosperity we inhabit, the more “ME” gets to express… Come forward… BE.
Which means the MORE I have to OFFER…
In all realms.
I GET to Model for women what it’s like
To live in a Legendary Love – for nearly 2 decades
To create an Infinite Family – full of laughter and growth and more
To Live a Luxury Life – confined by NOTHING
and to Live and Lead the Legacy you desire to LEAVE – looking forward while being here NOW.
And I get to MASTER-Teach how you can do the same in your life.
This takes RADICAL Courage by the way.
In a women’s collective -where there is very little celebration of excellence, grace or character and where women who “have it easy” are crucified – it’s far easier to share what ISN’T working.
Let’s look at it honestly, most women are taught to bond over trauma and pain
Discomfort and shame.
To share with other women their smallness and by so doing gain access to the Sisterhood of the Oppressed.
Which will celebrate you when you “over-come” – but only when it’s a momentary thing -thereby ALWAYS keeping you hooked into the need to create SOMETHING to overcome, but will also drag you in the dirt when you LIVE in Freedom.
Especially if that Freedom includes living in Harmony and Dyadic Unification with a MAN.
I’m here to RADICALLY delete that narrative… by teaching women how to bond over their joy.
Without apology.
I’m here to teach you that you CAN do personal development, business growth, spiritual transformation and conscious evolution from a place of internal congruence, peace and PLEASURE… and how to do it from within a powerful Legendary Love.
Not because something is so horribly wrong and you need fixing.
I’m here to unhook humanity from the entire pain paradigm. That you NEED pain to grow. That discomfort needs to be traumatic and long lasting.
Pain is a Signal flare of an experience or incidence that requires attention and adaptation. It is meant to be momentary … not a LIFESTYLE.
-Sri Namaste Moore
Next up…I have a Confession to make.