Living in Largess Part II

Part 2 –
Still with me ?
Good… because I have a confession to make.
About something I rarely speak about.
Those who are attracted to us aren’t drawn because we talk about money.
And yet…there are things that you experience when you are LIVING IN prosperity and Greatness that are very different from the things you experience when you are Aspiring to become wealthy and find your greatness.
And I’m not talking about just money here.
I’m talking about having it ALL..
The Legendary Love
The Luxury Lifestyle
The Leading Edge of Consciousness and Spirituality
Living and Leading the LEGACY
Yet money is a part of it.
Because money CAN give access to Freedom. And in our current human collective it also makes you the hated 1%.
So here’s my confession.
We didn’t make $67,000 the last week of October.
We didn’t make $160,000 the last week of October.
We made $670,418 that week.
While working even less than we normally do.
This post is for a specific person.
The most underserved person in the modern personal development/ coaching space.
The person who is doing WELL.
The person who is LIVING in Wealth.
Because you are a woman or a man who lives in abundance and ease most of the time and you need a coach/mentor/teacher who can handle YOUR greatness without requiring you to be broken.
You want someone who can go BEYOND that “broke, broken, needing help narrative”. A mentor that doesn’t need to pick you apart to feel that they can coach you.
Deep unto deep.
Those who walk in greatness are often so used to always being the giver or collapsing and becoming smaller in spaces in order to NOT intimidate.
In order to APPEAR relatable.
In order to be liked and not become “that entitled person”
You feel like the ways that YOU need support – you can’t even ask.
In a room where everyone is attempting to get to 6 figures a year… how can you ask your hundred million dollar question?
In a space where everyone is speaking about how to make more money – can you really share that you’ve done that and now you’re focused on the LEGACY you will leave? That you are a thought leader and want to have the DEEPER conversations?
In a space where everyone is impressed with one million- how can you find a coach that can hold your BILLION dollar Vision?
Can you tell them the texture of the concerns YOU have? Who will get it at this level?
So you are silent.
You watch from the sidelines
You say nothing when it is time to share.
Only now the Season is here for YOU to let the world see you in ALL of your power and expansion.
You are an example of what is possible.
You do NOT have to create stories of trauma and pain – those who are called to that, do it.
YOU are a BRILLIANT star in a dark sky.
You don’t need to buy into the marketing blah blah that says you MUST have a pain “hook” to get an audience.
You don’t need to do any of that.
Your courage takes a completely DIFFERENT tone … the courage to –
Let your Luminous Light and your Dazzling Darkness be ENOUGH.
Let the TRUTH of your BEING be enough
Let whatever YOU ARE HERE to GIVE be enough.
Your VOICE is that which shakes loose the old…
Your Expression is that which inspires.
Your life is the GLORY of Infinity itself
And you… you beloved are the EXAMPLE of the NEW that is arising.
You asked…the Universe responded…reach out to our team –InfiniteLife Team– to find out how we can serve you. (And yes we work with men too)