Make it NOT Matter

While the Masculine contains the pattern the Feminine makes it matter and into matter
Making NOT matter is just as important as making matter.
A woman can decide that her husband’s flaws don’t matter.
This is not the same as refusing to see them. Ignoring them. Putting your hands over your ears in denial
This is far more profound.
This is seeing them and NOT-Mattering them.
Dark Mattering them.
What if he has limiting beliefs
What if he over spends
What if he drinks a bit too much
What if he doesn’t care for his body
After each of those things there is a “and then…”
The “and then…” is what she’s scared of, what she is running from what she is attempting to untether her life from when she runs
But she is the Comforter in Flesh
Grace personified
She is Shekinah
Which means she has both the responsiblity and authority as HIS Feminine to say “It doesn’t matter”
There is no judgement
No punishment
No conquences
For his weakness and frailty
For his being in the midst of a learning process and growth.
In order for a woman to stand in the place of the responsibility and truth of deciding what matters and what is made matter in HIM she must first learn to train her mind and discipline to determine what matters and what is made matter in HER.
If you are constantly or often feeling like you are at the behest of things that have NOTHING to do with you, or things from your past and present that you feel you can’t control your feelings about, your mind is doing things to you etc; THAT means you don’t yet know how to make things matter or not matter to YOU and so you will find it impossible to do that same practice with your beloved.
It’s time to come up Beloved.
You are the World in a Woman… change yourself and all else follows.
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