Form Follows Function

Questions beloved…
Still doing ONLY direct mail marketing?
Still using dial up?
Still using a corded landmine only?
Still have your TRS-80 computer?
Why not?
Could it be that you understand that these things are obsolete and no longer get the job done?
You see each of those things are a Technology or a Tool that exists for a REASON.
If the tool is no longer useful then it must EVOLVE or die. The same is true of Marriage.
The biggest issue is the vast majority of people think they know what it is about and how to do it…and they don’t.
Most people really struggle with coming to terms with this.
The second issue is that when attempting to figure it out the tendency is to go either Backwards to outdated methods and Dualities that don’t work given today’s freedoms and opportunities
to a misguided future of homogeneity and neutrality.
One leads to long lasting mediocrity ending up in an unhappy marriage the other leads to a sticky mess of high emotions and divorce.
Neither is sustainable
The former version of marriage held the intention of survival…but …yet, because we no longer need marriage to survive it tends towards stagnation because it lacks true creativity.
The new age version of marriage often called partnership holds no intention at all most of the time and because it is based merely on feelings it can not be sustained it leads to chaos because it lacks order.
Form follows function
Without a function you get either death or a cancer.
There is another option
It will challenge everything you think you know about marriage
So that something more magnificent can grow.
Something legendary
Reach out to InfiniteLife Team for the Dyad Paradigm if you’re ready for a marriage that is Euphoric.