I’m the living breathing aching Invitation to make love to life” -Sri Namaste Moore
I wrote this recently while responding to someone in a group I’m in.
Every day I see women and men who look so well put together, sound so spiritual, have so much abundance and yet I hear their worries and fears.
Underneath it all there is a pervasive concern…
Am I enough?
Am I too much?
Am I doing enough?
Am I doing the right things?
Have I done too much of the wrong thing?
As if there is ANYTHING in the WORLD you can do to truly screw this up…
• I dropped out of High school… then much later got a Degree…or three 🤣
• I was wed very young to the wrong man… now I’m ecstatically married to the Man of my LIFETIMES who I’ve been with for nearly 20 years.
• I was raised holiness, ordained as a prophet, lived as an Orthodox Jew for nearly 5 years… now I live a Spiritually FREE life beyond the confines of any one religion yet inclusive of them all.
• I have been a practitioner of over a dozen healing modalities, 7 consciousness based methodologies as well as being certified in various Manifestation And Metaphysical technologies
• I’ve been on foodstamps and became a multi millionaire.
I’ve done the things people tell you to run from and most people are scared to do….
I’ve moved cross country with no money
Left a job without another job
Done a fire walk, a hook pull and ran naked through the woods
My husband and I are featured in a nude painting in an artists exhibition traveling the world.
I’ve taught classes naked, cried on camera, had a one night stand, not spoken to my family for a few years, had a home stead with goats, chickens and more.
I’ve been an actress, a model, a doula, an artist, a pastor, a human resource manager, a gift basket maker, an event planner, an oracle reader and more
I’ve vaccinated and not vaccinated
I’ve done raw food and keto
I’ve been vegetarian and a carnivore
I’ve eaten at the Golden Arches and not eaten fast food for years
I worked in traditional medicine and been all about alternative healing
I’ve made herbal preparations and taken things made by big Pharma.
I’ve homeschooled and public schooled.
I’m the living paradox because…
And I’m not half way done.
I’m also just like you.
As complex and multi layered yet infinitely Divine.
And this is why I can tell you…you CAN NOT MESS THIS UP.
We are in the time of adventure beloved.
Many in the spiritual and consciousness niches are trying to convince you to hate life, want to leave, get away…
Many in the social justice, and DIE space are creating more division, distrust and alienation in a misguided quest for equality that creates homogeneity.
They’re all running a program of shame inserted into the Western Psyche over 2000 years ago that has taken many forms… It’s core code is a disgust in all things earthly, fleshly, Human.
Instead of fully embracing LIFE here and now you should in some way destroy all that is to create something else.
Most religious teachers teach the same.
We have come for something different. That you might have life and that more abundantly
Are you ready to create YOUR InfiniteLife?