When we watch a flower housed in soil beginning to turn from blossom to bloom we are in the Presence of its Power.
The Power doesn’t exist for us, although we take pleasure from its beauty or its scent.
The Flower exists to do what flowers do.
Flowers are made for S*x. They bloom as a means of of making love, for the purpose of making more of themselves.
Something so fragrant and so luscious, something we receive so much value from – from cut blooms to essential oil to rose hips… has absolutely NOTHING to do with us.
We benefit from the act of Love of the Rose.
Your greatest Power (and hence your Purpose) is and forever will be found within the expression of YOU -that is the most integral and embodied ACT OF LOVE.
You are made to Desire Love in your Life and to BE love in the world. You know this in your being, you feel it in your belly, the truth tightening your throat.
And while every type of love is currently accepted there is one type that you are taught to fear and even devalue… the Life Pairing kind.
Marital Love
Unification Love.
During the day as you busy yourself it is easy to tamp down, to ignore, to push under the mountain of to do lists, and the accolades of others.
But at night…if you pause while in bed… you wonder… Am I loving as much as I can? Am I BEING Love in active human form? Is this life I am building an act of Love…or really…a deep cry for Love?
And make no mistake Beloved, often those who are married struggle with this as much as the single- not knowing the purpose of the pairing.
Once you become Love -Time stands Still – and your Power simply IS.
Being in your Power then is innate— as innate as the essence of the rose is INNATE to it… not something the rose made for us.
Love is the GREAT Amplifier, the True Aligner, the Manifestor par Excellence.
And while this word – Love- is thrown about for everything, to a degree that it means Nothing -what I’m speaking about is not the throw away love…not eros (as glorious and volatile as it is), and not the love for all mankind.
I’m speaking of the love beyond merely Falling in Love which many are in constant seeking for –
I’m speaking of the Love that not only falls but Walks together so you can Fly Together.
In order then to inhabit your power to embody it… make a study of love.
Open wide to it, let it run through you and out of you pouring from your being, gushing from your presence. Let it drop from your lips like honey and emanate from your being as Fragrance.
That’s Power.