You’re DRIVEN, ambitious and you need your woman to be able to take that in and love it.
Maybe you thought you had that…and now you’re wondering what happened.
You think things are okay…you aren’t really certain…but if nothings broke don’t fix it right?
Leave it alone and hope for the best.
Yet women are responsible for initiating 85% of divorces and break ups and men are usually completely blindsided as to how unhappy she is. You don’t even see it coming.
Here’s the secret…
You don’t know her…not because she’s duplicitous and using you…
You don’t know her because MOST women will HIDE from the person they love the aspects of herself that she believes will be displeasing.
She’s not doing it because she is trying to trick you or lie to you…she’s doing it because she believes it pleases you and she’s afraid that revealing all she IS will cause you to abandon her, abandonment being the CORE Feminine wound- she fears it more than anything.
And… most of this is done SUBCONSCIOUSLY.
Meaning she didn’t even know she’s doing it.
In The Society we offer not only teachings that give you REAL insight into your woman we also give you ACTUAL practices to do that REVEAL her to you in a way that she has NEVER revealed herself to anyone before.
Live and in living color.
Yet why would that even matter?
KNOWING her best gives you the Keys…to creating something magnificent that feeds YOU
Knowing what to do with what you find however? That’s where you go from voyeur to Mastery.
That’s where you BOTH not just FEAST.
For the remainder of January, 2022 Master Teacher Richard Moore is GIVING all the Men in the Society VIP Voxer Access.
This is inner circle level access that our private clients pay $5000 a month for -to ask the questions that come up and receive the insight. In other words learn what to DO once you can see her inner landscape.
Why should you join the Society?
Because in the InfiniteLife Universe we treat married couples as ONE.
Which means you BOTH get access to any program for one price.
This is walking our talk, putting our money where our mouth is and creating an energetic portal of Oneness for YOU.
We have lived this for over 18 years together.
In a blended family.
With 8 children.
Through corporate career changes, family deaths, children becoming adults, starting a new career and building businesses together.
Going from nothing to wealthy.
And spending 24/7 together
For the last 12 years.
We don’t avoid
We don’t hide
I’m HIS always and in ALL WAYS.
Quite literally.
He knows I’m RIDING on His Vision no matter WHAT.
I’m Happy to do it HIS WAY whatever that way is.
He still gets access to all of my gifts, talents, abilities and insights… only HE’S directing them instead of me projecting them.
We realized that most men do NOT know how to get this response from their women.
Either he gets with a woman for her power at the cost of becoming a glorified housekeeper, assistant, sex object and nanny following her vision and narrative. (He becomes and remains a teenage son)
He gets a woman that says she wants to submit who is simply wanting someone to take care of her without a need for her to be responsible or a complement (He becomes daddy..and not just in the bedroom)
Either way it’s not what YOU want.
And guess what?
You get to have what YOU WANT in the marriage as well.
Let’s be honest most conscious relationship teachers are so full of “see me” that when you purchase a program you realize you’re buying high priced front row seats into their relationship instead of tools you can use in YOURS.
Yet Legendary Love is not a spectator sport.
It’s a first player game.
Are you ready player 1?
I’ll warn you…these potent teachings AREN’T for hit and run relationships. They aren’t for sensual / sexual entanglements and they aren’t for “let’s see what happens”
These ONLY work when used in a COMMITTED relationship on its way to MARRIAGE OR within marriage itself.
If you don’t know how to find a woman you want that with…we’ve got you covered there too..
Reach out to our team – InfiniteLife Team to find out all that the InfiniteLife can do for YOU.