Inner Masculine/Feminine Myth Part II

More on “Inner Masculine/Inner Feminine” Myth
Many see the Divine (God) as being both Masculine and Feminine
Yet this reverse engineers the Divine into the Image of man…when in reality it is just the opposite.
Here is the Truth
The Divine is BEYOND Masculine and Feminine…
CREATED both Masculine and Feminine
As the first means of its own individuation it has chosen to separate ITSELF into Masculine and Feminine for the purposes of expressing and experiencing itself differently through creation.
In other words instead of being an androgyny the Divine is an Other that created each expression and poured it’s delineated Infinity into each of these two expressions.
And has chosen those “limitations” as a means of drawing each individuation to its complement.
Humans are drawn to that which they do not have access to in the other.
Whole yet not complete.
Masculine means that which pertains to men.
Men are adult human males.
Divine Masculine then is that which is Divine and hosted in Men. Women do not have access to it…you access it THROUGH connecting with a Man.
Yet you are drawn to it.
You can have a concept and idea of it…yet in order to KNOW it you must know it through a man otherwise the knowing is simply incomplete and distorted.
And the same is true of the Feminine..
Feminine means that which pertains to women.
Women are adult human females.
Divine Feminine then is that which is Divine and hosted in Women. Men do not have access to it…you access it THROUGH connecting with a Woman.
This is Divine order and it serves the entire whole as it creates a synergy and generative system.
For humans this is why we are born into families.
The Masculine and Feminine coming together in a Unification…you are born and then learn to connect to the Divine Masculine through the Father and the Divine Feminine through the Mother.
Through this modeling it creates a longing and desire to replicate this and take ones place in the cycle. You come of age and you seek your polar complement to become Creators.
Unless it is sullied.
Which then corrupts the image of the Divine and causes a code to be inserted that attempts to have it all in a Singular being.
Yes there are many who don’t understand the Divine Design or don’t live in alignment with it yet that doesn’t alter is nature.
-Sri Namaste Moore
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