No replay in this life

What if you didn’t get the replay?
What if the opportunity of a lifetime was standing right in front of you.
The conversation you’ve been longing for
The connection you desire
The Master that takes your breath away
For one night only
No replay
Would you recognize it?
Would you see it for the amazing opportunity it is?
Would you take it?
When it interrupts your life
Shatters your plans for the evening
Doesn’t fit into the schedule you’ve created
The timing you desired
The package you expected?
The Desires of your heart are aching to meet you
And they reside in the field of the pattern interrupt
Not within your comfort zone Beloved.
Many educators are beginning to run programs without replays.
Giving you the blessing of the need to make decisions
Offering you the Divine right of prioritization
Returning you back to yourself as your REAL Values assert themselves in that crucible
In the light of day you’ll see:
What you do simply to keep the peace
What you do out of obligation
Where you hide for fear of rejection
Where it is that your purpose really sits on the stove of your life.
And then you get to choose
Because life doesn’t have a replay.
It’s raw in Living color and direct.