The Dyad Isn’t For Everyone

That’s what came through recently.
While Dyadic Consciousness is the NEXT Evolution it is not inclusive of all.
All relationships and marriages won’t make the transition to become Dyadic in nature.
All Dyadic Marriages won’t have Dyadic Consciousness.
When this fully landed I was shocked.
And saddened.
Yet it is simple why.
Many are hooked into the current narrative of relationship. They simply are unwilling to change.
This is the normal relating, the Single and the “It’s Complicated”
Many desiring change are perfectly content with marriage as per normal. They don’t want to do something different, they just want less conflict. They love the common and seek the selfishness of success more than each other.
This is the normal Marriage
Some who desire something different have not chosen a spouse who ALSO wants MORE. One who Leans in the direction of their own Personal Development and who wants to see how DEEP it can go. This is the Unequal Bond
Some who have taken it so deeply shy away at the last moment because of the intensity, the initiations and full interdependence it requires. They lack the courage to go the final step. This is the Dyadic Marriage Cusp.
And some…those rare few take the journey of a million lifetimes into the true Last Frontier to Become a COMPLETELY different type of Creature…an Alien…TOGETHER.
THIS is Dyadic Consciousness.
Everyone gets to decide the ride they want to take
And when they’re ready to exit.
Every portal has its cost and it’s rewards.
You get to choose beloved…
What is the quest you are on?
More details on opportunities to support your journey are available by reaching out to the InfiniteLife Team