On Being A Housewife Part I

Let’s talk honestly about the limiting beliefs concerning being a housewife my loves… This isn’t to convince anyone merely to address the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are ready to come down. If this doesn’t hold resonance… please just scroll, hide or delete.

Part 1:

“I want my own money so I don’t have to ask permission to spend his”

There is a lot of pain revealed in this statement. Someone at some point had the authority or ability to decide what you could or could not have and they said NO.

People who have never experienced lack, never been denied, never been shamed or limited don’t have this as an issue.

When my Beloved and I first were together (before even being married) he told me to ask him for 3 things EVERY DAY. When I told him that I was content and didn’t need anything, he told me that by not asking I denied him the joy of granting my request.

You see my love- Masculine Husbands LOVE to provide for their wives. They feel MORE manly by their ability to give to her. They learn this from their Fathers and how he took care of his wife. The wife – knowing this – is careful to be considerate as to the families finances concerning what she asks for, and doesn’t want to “Make her own” because she has the wisdom to understand that doing so will undermine him subconsciously.

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