On Being A Housewife Part II

More honest talk about the limiting beliefs concerning being a housewife my loves… This isn’t to convince anyone merely to address the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are ready to come down. If this doesn’t hold resonance… please just scroll, hide or delete.

Part 2:

“I’m too smart/active/competent to stay home”

The limiting belief here is that only silly, lazy, incompetent women stay home. The other limiting belief is that being home means literally being in the house all day.

Both are incorrect.

Often this is based on a television representation OR a misunderstanding of what is going on in the home of another stay at home wife.

When women ask me how on earth did I learn everything that I know – it’s because I only worked outside the house for about 5 years my whole life. The remainder of time before this business I started:

Home- schooling and teaching home schoolers, A gift basket business, Child Care, Doula, Henna Body Art, Baked Goods, Coaching and more!

I took classes at my leisure, volunteered, supported others, … in other words I had enough to GIVE from my OVERFLOW.

And I’m not the exception.

Many women resent giving because they’re tapped out and they confuse being exhausted and depleted with being powerful. They are not the same.

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