Return the Sacred

I shared this in our group and so many women had the same response and didn’t know how to articulate it.

Feel free to share widely as the collective unhooks from making a spectacle of the Sacred.



I opened the app and my breath caught in my chest.

I averted my eyes…uncertain.

Glanced Up.

Averted my eyes again… my face hot.

There in front of me were 60 photos of Men in the Midst of Sacred Ritual.

PUBLICLY shared to promote an event.

Inside I heard a scream


Women’s eyes should never see that.

The publics eyes should not see it…but especially NOT women’s eyes.

And this is the HUGE downside to the lack of Elders.

And by Elders I don’t mean by age- I mean by Maturity.

Because they would understand the issue with photos taken of men in circle

Men crying

Men doing their WORK

It is not for public consumption

Nor is women doing OUR work for that matter.

Which is why when we did gather I only took photos during our talking

But NEVER during out Initiation

During our WORK

Because the Sacred requires a HERMETIC Container.

Which means it requires Leadership that is deeply aligned to the SPIRIT of the work and not the Marketing of it.

And who will say NO to certain ways of marketing that take what is Sacred and turns it into a Circus

Something that is to be entertained by instead of something you are both the creator of and created by.

And you dear Leaders are called to be aware of this.

To take up this charge.

To be Custodians of Consciousness.

Because the world is full of fluff and mirrors –

Many don’t understand the distinction between Sacred Exhibitionism and making the Sacred Exhibitionistic.

Yet there is one.

Tuning up one’s discernment so that you can CREATE the Sacred Space and keep it Sacred  even while marketing, while discussing, while taking into account legalities and practical application is ABSOLUTELY possible.

And having BOTH is what Leadership is really about.