Brown people excel at things other than Brown-ness.
And some of us don’t care to create an identity whereby everything we experience, every opinion we hold, every area of our life is proceeded by:
As if the particular degree of melanin we possess gives some sort of pedigree or expertise.
It doesn’t.
And thats the issue with Victim consciousness which masquerades as Social Justice via identity politics. It creates a false narrative.
A narrative that someones opinion should hold more weight because of how they identify. (TRUTH- Identity doesn’t grant someone collective KNOWLEDGE)
A narrative that you prove that you’re NOT part of the problem/tone deaf/ or racist by your willingness to allow others to tell you how to think and behave. (TRUTH- no one should be silenced because they don’t IDENTIFY as a certain thing)
If creates an opening where the ignorant, angry and just plain incompetent are given the weight of expertise and mastery simply because they SAY they are something. (A persons expertise should be thoughtfully considered not simply ACCEPTED because they are loud )
It obscures the Truth of individuation.
It makes the culture MORE divisive not LESS.
Some of us are old enough to have seen/experienced this radical shift –
From “Content of Character” to “Color of Skin”
Some of us have paid attention to the fact that the current racial narrative has created MORE divisiveness NOT less.
So let me say this on behalf on The Infinite Couple.
We are NOT just for people of high melanin content.
The most interesting thing about us isn’t that we’re a Brown Couple.
Our work doesn’t require Pink/Caucasian people to be small or have less power to exist.
We aren’t the place you come when you want to try to”amplify Brown Voices”
Our area of Expertise isn’t Brown-ness.
Yours and Ours.
If that LIT you up and you have an inner “OH HELLL YES” to this- you’re ready to step into that field to play –