When I was a little girl my mother taught me about rites of passage and she built them into my growing up in spite of my telling her that everyone did things before I did.

I had a Moontime box with items and books in it for my Moontime.

I wasn’t allowed tampons.

When I first shaved my legs and under my arms in 7th grade, it was an event and a teaching from my mother.

At 15 when I was allowed to wear makeup above lip gloss…it had meaning…

And because of this…I continued to have those rights of passage…

I knew I was called when I was very young because I received from my elders.

When it was time to go into ministry, I was told by my elders.

When my own children came along they looked forward to their rites of passage…the becoming and acknowledgment that comes with it.

And I see many people long for these rights…and yet at the same time, there is a rebellion against them.

You see…when you align with that way of being…that path….it means you wait until your elder…your Teacher….your guide says you’re ready.

Like the Terra-Genesis process in comic books, you don’t know what you will be until that revealing…and you allow that revelation…in fact, you look forward to it.

It is the difference in self-identity and allowing yourself to receive what is spoken into and over you.

They are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides of the same coin.

Recently I watched someone receive the accouterments and honors conveyed by a certain community.

I saw the pride and the tribal connection deepen in that moment…and from then on they could call themselves a specific thing.

This person didn’t know when that day would come…yet they held it as valuable to await that day and when it came…the beauty was evident.

And afterward I had someone come to me and say they wished they had waited…they wished they hadn’t denied themselves that honor…

Sometimes it’s sad because in this current iteration it is the practice of many to condemn and cut off from the possibility of lineage because you are taught to not need that.

Especially women.

And so many women are planted with flowers and no roots…incapable of bearing fruit.


In order to produce fruit, you must have a deep well to draw from my love.
Not miracle grow.

You must have hardwood not only green.
Your flowers must bloom and fall.
In love,


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