Whenever someone would tell me how much they USED to love me and what I wrote and how much they no longer do I used to get an ouch.
Not an Ouch over who I am
An ouch that I ever hid it to begin with.
That I made myself small and palatable and that’s what you fell in love with…
An idol made in your image
Or the image of me I thought I needed at the time.
When I was a child people would stop my mother in the street and tell her how pretty I was… and that she should get me on TV.
Which she did.
While also making sure I knew that “pretty is, as pretty does”
Humility and Kindness being the order of the day .
I ate it up.
As I got older the compliments piled up…
Gifted and Talented
Spiritually Gifted
Old Soul
None of these things did I work for quite honestly. They simply were part of being…
And because they were innate I often ignored them. Paid them no attention whatsoever…
Only…no matter how humble I was…no matter how much I didn’t care or concern myself with the way I looked… Or my intelligence or my spiritial gifts… It was always at the forefront of other people’s opinion of me.
Stuck up
Full of Yourself
Know it all
And so I created a version of me that was mundane.
Regular. Muted.
Or I tried to…
A Processed version of myself that was a far cry from the utterly bold, audacious, Feminine, Disruptive Divine Darkness I really am.
So when I began to let her out years ago …
People began to cringe.
Attempt to curtail and confine.
I tried to ease them into it beloved…really…
But then…
I realized I love me more than what they think of me.
Which is none of my business anyway.
And the Truth is so much more nourishing than the lull of the mundane.
Besides…I have daughters I’m modeling for.
A work to do.
A world to change
A Legacy to Live.
Which is richly complex multi faceted and bespoke. For the refined and rare palate…who craves the Extraordinary.
Don’t take it personal if I refuse to debate you, or will not give space to your disrespect or dislike… While you are highly valuable your opinion of me is also irrelevant.
Are you ready to free yourself from irrelevant opinions? Be inspired…you are in good company 😉 and there is space for you here: InfiniteLife: Keys for Feminine Extraordinary Women