Sacred Pricing and the “Sale” Illusion …
Recently we received a letter to upgrade our vehicle to a new one.
The letter said that the price would remain the same as our previous payments.
When we went into the Dealership we realized that the “Deal” had expired AND that the version of the vehicle we wanted would not have been included in the offer anyway.
Were we sad? No.
Did we haggle? Of course not
Did we decide that this was some cosmic sign that we weren’t supposed to get a new vehicle?
Absolutely not.
We just ordered the vehicle we wanted.
And paid more for it.
I truly believe Pricing is Sacred and that the Price I pay for something is the Price that SERVES ME… regardless of if I am paying more than It used to be.
A few months ago I saw a course that was offered. It was $111 – I didn’t buy at that time. Weeks later it was 30x that…and I bought then…because THAT is the Sacred price that my soul demanded I pay for access.
Read that again.
The price of ANYTHING is the price that YOUR BEING requires for you to receive the benefit, pleasure, enjoyment, results, delight etc; from it.
The price then NEVER comes from the provider.
It comes from you.
When you really feel into this you’ll laugh and dance when you get the INCREASED rate as much as you do for the sale.
You’ll find the expensive tastes of your being to be enjoyable and an honor to serve. In other words you won’t connect having Divine Favor with getting it free, or on sale, or at a discount.
You’ll see the FAVOR as being the opportunity to get it at All. And the invitation to play a bigger game as exhilarating.
You’ll see it as Divine instead of Disappointing
In fact you might even seek it out – as I’ve had students do from time to time.
This is also what it is to Truly understand money and it’s flow.
It exists to further Expand upon and Play with your Divinity.