Recently I was in a store attempting to make a purchase.
They offered me various things all quite lovely
None of it was what I desired.
None of it met the taste I had.
I didn’t NEED it…
I just had a desire for it.
And that was enough.
To me this is the Crux of what we offer which is both magnetic and repulsive.
You don’t need it
You do WANT it.
• You don’t need Dyadic Consciousness – you won’t die without it.
• You don’t NEED Path of Purpose- many live long lives without ever spending a moment concerned about purpose.
•You don’t NEED Feminine Transformation – most women are content in whatever form of identity they have created for themselves.
• You don’t NEED to gather with me and a other AMAZING women in my Mastermind to play together with the seeds of Creation in the Mind of Infinity – most would rather just Hustle and grind it out
Legendary Love
Luxury Lifestyle
Leading a Legacy
None of that is about NEED.
It is about the TYPE of life you have chosen to have… And therefore chosen to create.
It is about the palate you have cultivated for the original, the Mystery, the Truth.
If you have a taste for 1989 Chateau Pétrus, Barefoot sweet red wine simply will not do.
Because the craving isn’t about thirst…it’s for EXPERIENCE.
This is what leads you here…to read this.
You tire of the mundane that is functional but doesn’t really satisfy.
You’re sickened at the invitation to numb your tastebuds and dull your senses in order to be acceptable.
Even your own persona is boring to you.
You can see the fraying edges even while everyone else tells you how great it is that you make so much money.
How awesome your relationship must be
How helpful you are
How insightful
How much they envy you.
You accept the complement even while thinking “is this all there is?” And “why isn’t this enough”
Deep inside… There is a flavor you desire as elusive as the smell of rain in the dessert… You know it when you feel it.
It’s fragrance is what led you…here.
To us.
The things we offer to you –
Are Mythic and Magical – These teachings, transmissions and revelations come from the Ancient and the Future. They transcend this world into other dimensions and offer to you the Wisdom Knowledge and Life of Eternity
They are Practical and Tangible – These codes and knowing are worked out and expressed in your Human experience. This work is how you play. It is part Playground, part Laboratory. When you do the work you become the Alchemist of your own experience
Yet…with all of that…
There is the Uselessness of it all
The absolute Decadence
The audacity to elevate that which you enjoy to
REQUIREMENT and not just dream.
Why Epoisses instead of just melted Velveeta?
For the elevated experience.
Which for you is not OPTIONAL
It is now your Sacred Mandate
Issued to your human by your god-Self.
Because ultimately LUXURY is an invitation to LIVE your own DIVINITY.
When you give unto yourself the BEST that life has to offer…and seek to expand your knowledge of what that best is…
You are not only living in the “It is Good”
You become the Ikon that determines goodness itself.