Sexy Sales

They say confidence sells and there’s a reason for that.
Because true confidence comes ONLY from previous Experience.
You are confident because you KNOW and you know because you only lead where you GO.
Having gone you are then able to show others how to get there.
Like sex.
You don’t get good at sex by not having it.
No amount of self pleasure can take the place of the dance between bodies that happens in sex.
And make no mistake about it…Sales is Sex.
Good sales…no GREAT sales…comes with confidence.
The tendency in the business realm especially for women is to make it all about you. Which is why imposter syndrome and collapsing happen. It’s all about unworthiness.
And Unworthiness is a Sales Killer.
(And a Sex Killer.)
Because you feel unworthy you NEED the sale to make YOU feel good.
You depend on it to know you’re valuable.
You’re hoping deep down inside that the right client- the client that is powerful and bad ass will bolster your opinion of yourself
You think that having clients that have NO power will cause you to feel more powerful. They won’t threaten you because they don’t know anything and can keep you safe.
Both of which makes for the most frigid, impotent, sales and marketing experience.
The way you market and Sell is foreplay to the experience of being inside your container beloved.
And it should be SEXY.
The key?
You’ve got to know that what you have is the BEST they’ve ever had.
This is a VISCERAL knowing in the body that wafts off of you like Clive Christian’s No. 1 Imperial Majesty parfum.
You know YOU are the difference they’ve been waiting for, longing for, positively aching for.
You’re experienced so you know how to lead them there.
You’re precise so it won’t take long.
And you know how to make the journey as pleasurable as the result…
Because your secret weapon is that you get off on THEM turning on.
In a world of superficial selfish sales and frustrating products- gazing deeply into their soul and wanting them to get what THEY want is the most intoxicating trait there is.