The Dyad is the HOST of True Genius

TRUE Genius is NEVER a solo endeavor it requires a Pairing.
Which is why The Dyad is THE Collaboration that hosts Authoritative Definitive reproductive creation.
The Beauty of the Sublime
The Euphoria of the Elusive
Dynamic Polarity that is Perpetual and Eternal yet never STILL.
Yet let’s discuss the Actuality…
The Dyad was given the right of Dominion in The Earth- Which is inclusive of the World.
The earth is the planet
The world is the systems that are created by those who inhabit the planet.
Marriage is the Loom on which Greatness is Woven .
We have done the Research :
There are 197 world rulers:
Only 7 are confirmed never married.
– 5 of those are women
– 2 of those women are lesbians (I’m uncertain if same sex marriage is legal in those countries)
-1 of them is engaged
The remainder are either married widowed or divorced
And the divorce rate is VERY low – under 3.1%.
On the Forbes Top 100 list :
Only 2 individuals are confirmed never married
only 14 Divorced
Why is this important?
Because Singleness is being promoted as the next New evolution instead of a phase that you grow out of.
It is being painted as a path to Growth, Leadership and Wealth instead of a liability to it.
Truth is being Obscured and in the process Deception has become the ruling Narrative.
For thousands of years specific religious traditions have used singlehood as a means of control. In today’s culture the same is used for the same reason.
For power.
The Deification, promotion and addiction to singleness that is now plaguing western society will become its downfall. Because the singleton is not reproductive and is therefore incapable of true creation.
At most it Mimics – making copies and clones that contain no capacity to evolve, only to remain as it is or to be destroyed when they are exhausted.
Not evolved
Not transformed.
And this is true of all Solo endeavors. They die with you.
The Divine Design is infinite fractals.
When a person is not married they rely on friends instead of family (have you noticed the narrative to not trust your family but to place a great deal of emphasis on your friendships?)
They allow the government and crowds to be the determiner of what is “right”instead of Sovereignty (Democracy means ruling by the people which is fine for a Country and absolutely inappropriate for your LIFE)
You consider yourself expressing power by your rebellion towards others instead of BUILDING something yourself. (Rebellion by definition to push against a superior power, rebellion locks you in a cycle of pushing AGAINST power, instead of knowing and walking IN and AS Power)
And because it is currently deified this tendency and mindset can become so internalized that even once married you never eject it from your field. You follow this pattern as the “way” .
Friends before Family
Others over Autonomy
Rebellion instead of Ruling.
Yet missing this core Truth:
This planet is the PLAYGROUND for the Dyad.
Singleness exists so we can enjoy the process of finding our other half.
It is the preparing ground for the Dyad.
And the Dyad is the determiner of Dominion.
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