Social Media, Not Selfish Media

My Beloved Richard and I were having a conversation… In which he was recounting a recent late night show where a guest was explaining why he wouldn’t allow his children to have a cell phone. It all came down to wanting his children to understand the connection between what they say and the effects of what they say on other people.

How powerful is that.

While the social commentary tends to focus on the effects of negative speech on others and being reflective of any number of “isms” we tend to ignore the power of positive speech on others.

Affirming, connections, acceptance, worthiness. These types of words have the ability to build… Rest assured that no amount of penalty imposed on those who hurt others will create the world we desire.

For we can not create based on a negative.

To create… We must build something different… Which means taking our gaze away from the problem, releasing our excuses… And being the change we want to see in the world…

And yes social media is certainly a part of that.

A huge part.

I’m thankful for all of it… From blogs, to Facebook, from YouTube to Instagram to Twitter.

Each one of these platforms provides another way to connect. Let us understand what they are all about…

Social – characterized by friendliness and geniality

Media – a channel of communication

Communication – to share, impart, unite

Social media.. In its beneficial form is a friendly form of sharing….

That’s the part we seemed to forget.
There’s a sharing taking place here.

That’s not to say that everything can or should be shared in this venue.

Each person decides what that looks like for them. And we all need to step away at times… Especially when we no longer wish to give from our hearts or receive what’s in someone else’s heart.

There’s something juicy there…

…when we stop sharing from the heart, from the essence, from our souls… And simply use this as a space to state opinions… We’ve missed something precious.

Stating opinions is not all there is to communication. There is a lot more to it than that. Communication is connection. And connection requires that I am friendly, and willing to both give and receive.

As Mark Shaw says… It’s called Social Media… Not selfish Media.

So the question we much each ask ourselves is… Am I really willing to be social?

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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