The tendency is to focus too much on doing and not enough on being.

To take the smallest touch of being and translate it into doing.

It’s like assuming a handshake means it’s time to make love.

Our discomfort with the process that is Remembering and Coming Home, makes it take longer, more challenging and more painful.

It is why in many traditions the first step is to be stripped of everything.

The modern western mind rebels against this fiercely. We hold tight to our opinions, feelings, beliefs, perspectives.

We confuse this with our Self.
And God, they laugh.

You are none of these my darling… You are SOMETHING MORE.

You are worth the journey of coming home to

You have been upside down… It’s time to be Righted.

You’ve been trying to use branches for roots.
Mistaking leaves for fruit.
Your roots are parched and dry… They must be deeply planted in the soil.
Watering branches will only cause rot.
It is watered roots that thrive.
You don’t force growth… You simply tend to the plant and the growth happens.
You allow it.

Learn why and how inside…

In love,


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