We have a dog who we love named Layla…

When we got her she was a puppy.

Her former owner did not tell us her true age.

She was much younger than we were told.

She did not receive the imprinting of how to be a dog that she should have from her mother and littermates.

Because of that, Layla has some very not dog-like behaviors.

Marriage is like this my loves.

Getting a relationship is not difficult.
Getting married is not difficult.
However staying married… That’s where the work is.

Many ask why is it that making love last and making marriages last are so difficult…
It’s very simple darling.

*Most American adults are single.
*Most marriages end in divorce
*Of those that DON’T divorce, a significant portion are unhappy (have you ever known a couple that seemed perfect for years, then divorced a year later? It happens all the time)

All of this adds up to many of us not having the needful skills and experiential imprinting from our families and home life to make a relationship sustainable.

Statistically, most of us grew up with one parent at home, with a mother who worked away from home, even if our parents were together frequently they were not happy.

We also grew up in a time period where the imagery we saw by storytellers (aka media) portrayed lying, deceit, selfishness, disrespect etc; as part and parcel of relationships and adulting.

Soaking in this madness for years in a hypnotic trance it’s amazing we get together at all.

And yet for some reason, the vast majority of people truly believe that they know how to have a healthy happy relationship.

That would be like me saying I know how to make Turkish delight because I read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The way that humans have sustained HAPPY relationships from the beginning of time is by observing intimately and listening to those who have them.

In other words, They were taught.

Unfortunately, we are at a state where there are very few people who can teach this needful Alchemy.


You can’t teach what you don’t know.
You can’t lead where you won’t go.

Our culture is such that the average relationship length is just a bit over two years.

Two years.

This is why SOFT (the School of Feminine Transformation) and SoA (School of Alchemy) is imperative.

Yes we share tons of free lessons but the deep courses, tools, and practical embodiment can only be learned by those invested.

These are mysteries that we don’t share outside of the container of commitment. And yes, Femininity is definitely connected to life-long partnership.

Learn why and how inside…