The Blessing of Missing Out

Most of us know about FOMO, also known as the Fear of Missing Out

It’s the driving force of many actions these days, the Fear of Missing Out causing us to fill our days in unconscious ways that are not aligned with our joy, desires or purpose…

There are many ways to release this FOMO, but one of the best is to make peace with your past.

You see, past regret and fear is what creates the fertile soil for FOMO. Looking back on previous times and feeling like you made bad calls, missed opportunities, and simply could have done better than you did will then cause you to project that fear into the future

YOU can get free from this when you understand the BOMO- the Blessing of Missing Out.

BOMO is the deliberate opening to seeing the amazing blessing in everything you have missed out on. It is the Reframe that changes EVERYTHING.

It gives you freedom, groundedness and a deep Knowing that you need fear nothing.

When my King and I didn’t go to the show in Vegas, when we made that choice, we just knew we wanted to stay in the pool and hot tub and didn’t want to go to a show… we removed FOMO as a factor in our life… And we found BOMO.

Look at your life darling… Where has been the BOMO?

Learn more, get SOFT –

In Love,

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