The Death of the Client Avatar

Recently I was asked the question EVERYONE is told to ask and every coach is told to have an answer for:
“Who is your Ideal Client?”
In that moment something new was Channeled.
It’s the wrong question.
Based on a misunderstanding.
As a Coach I’m here to serve my clients.
Yes my work is deeply fulfilling for me.
I was BORN to do precisely what I do.
And yet this coach centered realm is what creates the very thing that is so often (later) demonized, because it empowers the coach at the expense of the client.
If the community and culture of BECOMING a Coach places all the emphasis on doing it because it validates your self image (as the coach), and the focus on building your business is all about “me me me”… it creates a rather hungry servitor that at some point becomes difficult to dissolve.
It IS needful for Coaches to know your value and your worth, to know what you bring to the table – but the issue with the question of “who is your ideal client” is one of positioning.
1. It’s all about you as the Coach
2. It causes you to erase the amazing complexity of those you serve to niche them down to a simple sentence for ease.
It feels energetically both sticky and non-substantive.
Obviously the Coach needs to desire to work with the client- yet the desire of those Mature of enough to BE Coaches is based on their own capacity, expertise, mastery and genius in facilitating the clients results NOT based on who the Coach likes best.
It’s a perspective shift.
To quote my brother Wayne Dyer- “when you change he way you look at things, the things you look change”
Here is the new way to look at it.
You don’t need a client Avatar. You need to reframe how you see your clients- They aren’t the Avatar…they are the GAMER.
Not: “Who is your Ideal Client?”
Instead: “Who are you the IDEAL, Dream Coach for?”
What’s the difference? Well…feel into it.
Say it out loud as a genuine question and see what arises
How does it land differently in your body?
Interestingly this works for ANYTHING you’re doing…not just coaching
Who are you the ideal designer for?
Who are you the ideal VA for?
Who are you the ideal Teacher for?
Who are you the IDEAL partner for?
There’s a collective EXHALE in this question.
And to answer the Question concerning coaching –
I am the Ideal Coach for people with BIG energy, big lives, and big vision who simply can’t be held by anyone.
You’ve done too much
Have too much experience
Too much knowledge
Too much confidence.
In every space you are the Leader.
You’re used to people being impressed by you.
Deifying you.
Trying to get close to you.
And frankly you want a coach that doesn’t care about your press release.
A Coach who can challenge you in ways that tune and polish your Brilliance not dim it.
A coach who is EXTREMELY discreet.
Won’t share your wins as if they are hers.
Won’t even share your name.
Because she doesn’t NEED your fame, fortune or accolades to prop herself up.
You want a coach that that will give it to you straight- no chaser
Yet doesn’t poo-poo your connection to your tender heart.
A coach that doesn’t submit to social programing about victims, social justice and political correctness.
A Courageous Coach who you can be ALL of you with.
And can support you spiritually, physically, emotionally, energetically and professionally.
Willing to go…wherever we need to go.
A masterful Coach – both in her Craft and in her lived experience.
A coach that can support you in weaving together all the things. For one magnificent LIFE.
You know there’s more, and you’re willing NOW to engage with it.
If that lights you up contact our team- InfiniteLife Team for information and details on how to work with one or both of us.