The Age of Duality is Done – Part II

Part 1 here
In part 1 I said “There is something beyond the illusion of Duality and in this age all must operate in submission to it or crumble… ”
This is the age of POLARITY in all things.
Of the bringing together in correct order, forces, perspectives, ideas that were historically seen as oppositional.
The tension of Polarity is by definition Creative.
This Polarity is also further delineated by the natural arising of Movement which then builds into Harmony. Many notes coming together yet not being erased or homogenized.
The Age of Aquarius, New Age, Light Workers were well intended but ill informed.
There isn’t a Nirvana that exists created by the obliteration of all the old “systems” for a cash less society where everyone levitates around round tables of sameness.
Contrast is not the antithesis of Evolution.
The “Kingdom Come” is within the individual.
Individual originally meant not divided.
Within those who have come into self awareness and individuation there arises an Actualization or making REAL -NESS.
From here arises your sense of place in the Human Experiment.
And from this position the mind becomes curious of other places.
“If I am HERE at this moment I can not be THERE
And yet THERE exists and is occupied by someone who has made different decisions, taken a different path and hosts a piece of Infinity individuated that is NOT MINE yet is Also Me.
I can only know this aspect then of my non corporeal Self through my knowledge of you.”
It is contrast that drives the curiosity.
It is curiosity that drives the beginning of what I call “The Great Ordering”
And it is the Great Ordering that weaves the Oneness that is the core of seeking.
Together yet Distinct.
The future is We.
The first step into the Embodiment of this We is the Dyad. For two must become One before many more can.