The Erosion of Masculinity


It’s time for us to really support Masculinity and to learn to live within femininity ourselves.

There is currently an erosion of masculinity taking place disguised as Awakening and Consciousness. Just as the erosion of Femininity was disguised as progress the same thing is occurring with Masculinity.

Just as the beginning of the erosion of Femininity took place first biologically for women it is now taking place biologically for men.

We speak of normalizing things yet many of us are unaware of how normalization occurs. And we should be, as everything we desire to normalize is not necessarily highest and best. For example depending on phone contacts has been normalized yet we have no idea of that long-term effects of the dependency on our memory, and in fact, early studies suggest that memory is declining as a result.

Let us look at something else… With the advent of commercial fertilizers, the pervasive use of plastics, and many other pollutants Testosterone in men had dropped to horrific levels. Most young men today have less testosterone than their grandfathers.

This issue is silent and unseen because most people don’t realize the myriad of bodily, psychological and emotional functions testosterone influences.

Lack of or low testosterone in utero prevents males from developing masculine characteristics, not only at birth but secondary characteristics later in life. Secondary characteristics are not merely physical loves.

Xeno estrogens in our environment co-opt hormone receptors and cause those things you know like low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other, often ignored symptoms such as irritability, depression, weight gain, brain fog, apathy, fatigue, heart issues, compromised immune system and more.

As low testosterone becomes more normalized many of these things are repainted and reinterpreted as men healing/displaying emotional wounds, men being connected with their “feminine side” etc; in little boys these things are not seen as a cause for nutritional aid or correction but as signs that he is simply sensitive and needs acceptance.

As we lose our innate and natural understanding of the cosmic law of Gender and the beauty and harmony it imparts, we also forget to truly see… Moving faster and faster towards “new” and confusing that with “improved”.

Learn more, get SOFT –

In Love,


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