We are aware that this message will offend some and be met with resistance by others…and some of you may not be able to hear it for another six months to a year…you are invited to sit with it and breathe through your triggers which are always a sign of an invitation to growth…
Let’s get into it…
There is something that we’ve noticed over the last few years in this laptop lifestyle, work from anyplace industry.
And predominantly it is propagated by well meaning coaches.
The Genius Revolution
In the last few years the Coaching realm has been beset by an intoxication with GENIUS.
Genius is the buzzword that promises you the world – and yet …doesn’t deliver.
And here’s why…
When it comes to choosing and hiring – whether it’s for your business services, or a coach or a mentor
Genius is NOT what you need to focus on.
Yes it’s good.
HOWEVER when you focus on Genius – you are basically a spectator, watcher, appreciator and audience of THIER work.
You enjoy it – you don’t APPLY it.
You experience it – you don’t BECOME it.
The Genius you HIRE wants you to become a fawning acolyte and devotee of everything they do.
It’s not about what YOU desire for YOUR life it’s about YOU being the CANVAS for THEIR genius.
Those who focus on telling you how they are a genius at this that and the third usually DON’T DELIVER on whatever they promise to do.
You hire them to SUPPORT YOUR goals.
And they want your life, business and gifts to be a showpiece and showcase for THEIR gifts and talents.
YES you pay them in money but you must also pay them by serving their vision, by fitting into the world they are creating.
Genius is seductive.
And a bit insane.
I have seen more people than I can count fall for the lure of “hiring” a Genius Coach
A Genius Designer
A Genius Branding Agency
A Genius Marketer
A Genius Copywriter
The talk is persuasive and seductive
The promises glorious and fantastical
All you have to do is STOP being your own divine expression and INSTEAD be willing to be – the canvas upon which the Genius show cases THEIR art.
The Genius can’t even HEAR what YOU are saying YOU desire because they live in service and under the geas of something that has nothing to do with you.
And this Genius is not transferable.
Just because they are a Genius at whatever doesn’t mean they can teach YOU to be.
Enter the SECOND aspect of this distortion…