Because you really can’t TEACH genius what SOME do is help you discover your OWN genius or worse yet CHANNEL your genius for you.
* Your innate and powerful space that you can operate effortlessly.
* The thing that you naturally do as simply as breathing an d that will bring you a radical influx of cash from the Universe.
* The thing that sets you APART from everyone else and will presto changeo – turn you from a struggling entrepreneur into a glamourous, fantastical expert and icon in your niche
*The thing you don’t need to study, learn, or spend anytime with because all of that in antiquated. You just DO IT and everything else aligns with it.
Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?
Only… it is ALWAYS short lived.
I’ve seen it over and over and over again as I’ve watched this genius movement take over the coaching industry specifically.
Enter the uncertain, awkward baby coach
Genius makeover…
THEY are now the Iconic Alchemist of all that is Holy and Unholy.
Money rolls in they are sitting on top of the world.
Relationship.Marriage ends (we’ll talk about this in the next post)
Within 2 years MAX -crash and burn.
WTH happened?
It’s not sustainable.
Because Genius:
Doesn’t serve anyone but itself
Burns hot and fast
and ultimately …KILLS
And when you are in love with and living for your OWN genius as a coach, as a service provider as an entrepreneur…
* You don’t serve ANYONE but YOU.
* Everything must reflect back to your genius and nothing else
*You don’t create with an eye towards the Legacy you want to lead and leave, it’s JUST based on the momentary spell
* You will KILL anything and everything or DIE yourself in the process of serving it – meaning your marriage tanks, your connection to embodiment tanks, your ability to connect with other people evaporates (ever notice that most of those TEACHING and promoting Genius are SINGLE and can’t maintain any long term relationships, friendship etc;?)
All of this said you might think we hold some contempt for Genius – we do not.
We believe everyone has their own Genius (include us)… and we believe that Genius when unmoored from Ego is Divine and Holy.
We also believe the CULT of Genius Celebrity ESPECIALLY within the realm of spirituality, services and consciousness is highly destructive at worse and empty of what it promises at best.
Because it has such a focus on ONE thing that it demeans and diminishes that which would make it truly BENEFICIAL to others in service of itself.
So what does it mean and what is the solve?
Stay tuned for part III