The Highest Service

I am always on a Quest for the Highest Service.

You can call it my standaard
My hobby.
My kink.

When we were active in the BDSM community I was known for it.
Always serving at the highest level
My attention to detail impeccable

People wanted to learn how to serve at that level with ease.

I have never done it for the sake of any community or to be seen by others. It’s an intimate offering..holy and pure.
My service is for Him And He decides how it flows out to serve the world.

At the same level of service I offer…I also seek.

I recognize that in today’s world service isn’t prized in general. Most people are so focused on moving on to the next thing that they don’t really know how to serve at a level that inspires.

They are so focused on being trendy that they crowdsource their standard to the lowest common denominator instead of stretching to a baseline of excellence.

The “service” they provide is just another task in an assembly line of action or worse yet automation.

Yet service is HUGE for our enterprise and a mandate for anyone that serves on our team or who would have us as clients.

We’ve parted ways with companies whose service over promised and under delivered.
We’ve removed team members who refused to elevate to our standard of service.

It is a huge core in our lives.
And it touches every area.

Every 2-3 weeks my mother, daughter and I go out for manicures and pedicures. It’s a time of fellowship, relaxation and connection.

We ALL have high standards

For the beauty of the location
The skill of the technicians
The ambiance of the environment

Touching me is an honor…so handle me gently.
My beautification is Sacred…so listen carefully.
I want to feel held…and we’re willing to pay for it

We have gone to many salons…
If they were lovely they only did an okay job
If they did a stellar job the environment was too busy
Or they wanted us to sit too far apart
Or didn’t match speed so that we were all complete at the same time
Or required constant correction

There was always something.
Because the level of service we desire requires both Mastery and Genius… and often one or both is lacking.

Until recently.

The Salon was sublime – graceful elegant quiet
The technicians gorgeous, impeccably dressed
The manager opened the door for us upon entry
The mimosas perfectly made
The pedicure so relaxing I nearly dozed off as they tossed rose petals into the water, poured milk on my feet and massaged honey into my legs

My standards are high and every single one was met. The thing is…we never would have found this Salon if we had given up
If we decided –
It took too long
Or we were comfortable where we already went
Or we weren’t willing to pay twice as much
Or willing to go someplace new
If we allowed previous experience to color present opportunity

If we sold out on our standards because they hadn’t been met
They never would be.

This is a key aspect of what it means to AMPLIFY your life… The willingness to open again and again and again…

However often it takes
However long it takes
I’m worth it

Giving up on your standards is disloyalty to your SELF.

AMPLIFICATION requires your fealty…to YOU.

I can’t lead you where I won’t go…
Thankfully I’m willing to go EVERYWHERE I’m required to in service to the Divine as You.

Are you ready to go?

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