Joining My Clique

I awakened recently to rain pouring down.
It feels like a huge baptism.
The Death that brings Immortal Life
How apropos that 11/3 we began…
I realized there were 11 women in the Quantum Crown Collective at that time.
I see each woman as an individuation and had not counted the number (#FEWKey) only felt the energy of what each woman brings.
What she is
What she offers
What she desires
The portals that open because of HER opening.
The texture of this weaving being intense.
Much greater than any of us individually.
More than the sum of us together.
We do together what we can not do alone
We become in this space what we could not become solo
We go further, deeper and witness the Mystery of the Arising Master Mind – that is only accessible in this space.
It’s breathtaking.
Someone asked me why we have the nickname “The Clique”
Aren’t cliques negative?
Not at all.
A Clique is a small group who band together for the purpose of power and privilege.
While its common usage is often negative in connotation (like Cult btw… ) it doesn’t HAVE to be.
And we are Claiming it POWERFULLY and POTENTLY.
A Clique of women standing in Power and Privilege as we inhabit Legendary Love, Luxury Lifestyle, Living and LEADING the Legacy we want to LEAVE.