Beauty is the state of being pleasing to the sense

The promise of Happiness.

Originally it would have been insulting to refer to men yet HIGHLY elevating to to women and children. (Important  here)

Everything you find beautiful is a reflection of your Frequency. Which means also that as you TRULY GROW and EVOLVE so does your whim, taste and fancy.

So does what you find beautiful.

So does what you delight in.

EVERYTHING in this Universe resides on a specific wavelength. Yet YOU as a Localized slice of Intelligent Infinity having a Human experience are capable of EXTREME and QUANTUM movement between and beyond wavelengths.

As you move – your aesthetic – or Sensual Perception aka perception of beauty will RADICALLY change. It is one of the things that anchors your shift into reality.

Recently I noticed that my tastes have changed…again.

What I have an appetite for.

What I find beautiful.

Even my decorating sense.

Years ago when I first noticed this connection it was more feeling the frequency of where I DESIRED to be verses the Frequency of where I was…and the taste distinction between them.

Now… it’s different. I simply notice a shift, and start tossing things…and buying other things.

Consider this… when a person changes their social economic experience but do not allow their aesthetic to likewise shift… they eventually return back to where they came from.

When a woman changes her marital state (or desires to)  yet does not alter her sensual perception to include her husband within her aesthetic Unification is impossible.

The Truth that the entire idea of marriage alludes to is not mere survival, nor some over romanticized ideology of “conscious relating” – all ephemera and no tooth and claw.

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