I often hear women talk about what they want in a man. Or how they desire their husband to handle them.

One often relegates him to the prop in your marriage fantasy and the other is a step in the right direction of creating your Heaven on Earth.

In fact if you know who YOU want to be it becomes easy to ascertain who He is.

For instance, before Baba and I reunited this lifetime I KNEW I wanted to be a as wife who OBEYED. I wanted to submit and surrender without any equivocation. I wanted to be a wife who was completely honest with my husband and who NEVER managed Him. I wanted to be a wife who inspired with my presence and who He could be 100% Himself with knowing that every aspect of Him was not only accepted but celebrated and respected.

Because of this I knew I needed to cultivate:

The ability to follow

Asking deep questions

BEING peace

  • Unconditional acceptance

Deep Self Trust and loyalty to my decisions which is what creates CONFIDENCE in my capacity to choose well.

And this also meant my Husband would need to be:

Dominant and a Leader

Responsible and Self Directed

Calm and non volatile

Loved talking and learning


Because those characteristics in ME thrive under those characteristics in HIM.

Ladies!! Single or married -Let me hear it… what kind of wife do YOU desire to be? What do you want your offering to your Husband to be?

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