I have a gift.
I would say it is my Genius and so it is woven into all that I do.
It is this…I know the DIVINE ORDER as it is laid out moment by moment. As it unfolds within the now.
And in so knowing I clarify the chaos.
No matter how intense or pervasive the distortion, no matter how deeply immeshed in a paradigm… my presence….CLARIFIES
Knowing the Divine Order is not an easy gift nor a desired genius. It’s often misunderstood because moment by moment I can read the correct expression of the PATTERN and the incorrect expression.
Only I can’t offer it unless you ask for it.
When someone just makes statements I usually let them. Someone desires to hold forth on what they know? I’ll just sit and watch.
If someone is enamored of hearing what they want to I let them.
Until…you ask.
This is why it is our clients and those who are in our courses and classes who receive this Truth at the deepest level.
It is also why I don’t argue.
I don’t debate.
And why I speak with absolute certainty as opposed to using more inclusive and universally accepting language.
My trigger used to be “yes but who are YOU to say that? How do you KNOW that is true it COULD be a different way”
It could.
But it’s not.
This genius isn’t personal to me (another key I hold is you can’t offend me. I really do love without condition). Because it’s not personal I can REALLY REALLY want it to be as you think it is because I love you and I want you to have what you want, the way you want it.
I see the TRUTH. Read the pattern, trace the lines…and I won’t lie to you even when I know you’ll despise the truth.
I have a very specfic Way that I support and facilitate humanity. It is in the Power of Truth and Order. You can not know one without the other. Both are key to walking in your Divinity and living out the Actualization of your Nature.