The Immortal Field

My Context…
Is to be the Answer to Dreams
The Blessing you prayed for
The Unicorn you thought didn’t exist.
The Mentor that holds and supports your entire LIFE.
Every iteration.
I don’t believe in serial monogamy.
In the need to change partners for every season of growth
In “No one can hold all your life”
I don’t believe in it for marriage
For family
For business
For spirit.
I know better.
I have LONG lasting relationships with my students and clients.
Which is unheard of in this industry.
You see the Era of the Quick and Disposable being confused for new and improved is over.
Its obsolete.
The disposable marriage
The disposable relationships
Disposable purpose
Disposable spirituality
Disposable character
The Era of Fake Padding is also ending (the physical representation being the amount of women removing breast implants and bbls)
People are waking up from the illusion that you can fake nourishment.
Fake abundance
Fake insight and wisdom
Fake experience.
And they are HUNGRY.
No longer deluded by coaches who teach “just do it your way” and “just use your genius” and yet they have the most contrived systems to get clients…
No longer listening to teachers who are “anti funnel” yet you can clearly see the funnel they themselves use.
No longer chasing the “Rebel Paradigm” that sought to burn it all, destroy it all, kill it all, in a fit of anger and frustration – a child’s tantrum masquerading as righteous rage.
You are awake now.
And you are mature enough to know that
And that MORE is your requirement
Now that your palate for truth has been developed…it’s time to step into the Immortal Field.