Have a seat Beloved and have some coffee with me… this will take a while.
Let us begin to unpack the topic of Business and enterprise. Which is- as all things are- related to the Masculine and Feminine… Men and Women… and our relationship to each other.
HISTORICALLY men succeed at business more than women because men know their why.
If you look at the Historic record men historically desired to succeed at business, enterprise and building the world nearly ALWAYS due to a woman.
To provide more for his wife
To find a better husband for his daughter
To give a better life to his mother
To win the hand of his love
To build a city in her honor
To express her beauty
These things always come back to LOVE of HER… His desire to win at the HIGHEST level was born of love.
Recently while watching Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone that struck me as still relevant
His why was His wife and children.
Now we contrast this with women in business.
Baba Richard and I have been immersed in women in business for decades – from corporate to small business and everything in between.
Women in business NEVER do it for Him.
He isn’t her driver…her motivator
He isn’t her why
Women are usually in business for themselves.
For self Actualization.
To prove.
To defend
To find fulfillment.
To have a voice.
And in truth it is not even about providing the goods products or services for the client. That’s just the backdrop.
A woman uses her business as a mirror for herself.
Read that again.
Yet beloved, enterprise is NOT about that.
In this current environment this is the most unpopular truth and it is something that I realized contributed greatly to why I initially DIDN’T want to talk to women about business.
Because many women in business are doing it purely from SHADOW. Only no one is saying it.
The dominant narrative is
Start something anything based on what you like
Just believe you can do it
Raise your rates
Do it your way
And in some magical way this will create Wealth, raving fans and- because you’re a woman doing it- it will automatically make the world a better place.
The women’s business niche is full of deception. Many people “coach” business because it’s a known known that people will spend to create a business. But very few business coaches have success IN business or life outside of selling business coaching.
Here’s the truth no one is telling you, to be in business you should be a PRO- not an amateur.
PROFESSIONAL means something:
1. professed attainments in special knowledge, as distinguished from mere skill;
2. a practical dealing with affairs, as distinguished from mere study or investigation;
3. and an application of such knowledge to uses for others as a vocation, as distinguished from its pursuit for one’s own purposes
When You consider this it becomes obvious that many are using the coaching industry as an easy place to hide a lack of attainment, practice, and application to others and substituting interest, study, gift and personal reflection instead.
This is what contributes to Imposter syndrome and much of the angst that women in business are struggling with. If your business is merely a mirror of yourself then it isn’t offering your customers anything more than your own image.
There is nothing there for them.
Enter the newest trend in coaching- The genius Artist.
This is a means of taking that mirrored/ distorted shadow feminine field and selling it to those who have not yet cultivated the discernment to get out of it.
Instead of revealing the truth of it- and coaching you OUT of it- it is being more deeply woven into your psyche and business. Esoteric practice and emotionally hooked language is utilized to seduce you into this field of Distortion.
It’s called Luxury… but it really isn’t. It’s distorted feminine selling to distorted feminine a fun house of broken mirrors in a maze of confusion.
It’s time to get out.
I see something different.
It is a standard in the field of coaching, of goods, products and services that INSISTS that we will offer only that which is Highest and Best.
True Luxury has a High and Precise Standard for the PRODUCT offered and how it is offered. When a “Luxury brand” stops caring about that Standard they cheapen it and eventually the brand loses its luxury connotations.
In other words Luxury isn’t place to hide a lack of standards. It is the space to aspire to when you’re willing to BACK your standards 100% WITH YOURSELF first.
There are multiple layers to this post so many you may miss them. If we want the coaching industry to mean something our contribution must be integral. If we want to have a Luxury brand that means your standards for yourself are HIGH, if you want an integral business of ANY sort then it needs to be more than a mirror world for you to explore you and…
The piece de resistance- There is no way for women to be in business WITHOUT shadow without the Masculine influence. We need each other through and through. Our positions are not the same, yet the power we receive from each other is Immense and Required.
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