An Uncommon Lesson for the Wise

Midnight story time – An Uncommon Lesson for the Wise:

~~~Not for Children~~~

I once knew a heterosexual-identified man who ended up in a compromising position with a male who was presenting as a female. They were beautiful and things got hot and bothered and before he knew it “whoa! This is a man!”

He was not pleased, to say the least, and in that moment he let it proceed far further than he felt he should have.

Later he was angry, felt betrayed, shame and questioned his own sexuality.

I felt so bad for him. All sincere sexual expression is beautiful. Misleading someone as far as what sex you are is not.

I recalled this story recently when reading something in regard to women “embodying their masculine”. Especially women who want to attract a heterosexual masculine man.

This tendency is especially found in self-identified spiritual and powerful women – from the witchy priestess to the conservative prophetess I see the same distortion being made with the same results.

Cultivating (or co-opting) a masculine energetic embodiment if you are feminine in essence will only attract men who are attracted to that masculine energetic.

They can rest in neutrality or in homogeny – which is becoming more normalized as the culture arises to support the distortion (and yes it is a distortion make no mistake about it – it has grown out of the diminished testosterone caused by plastics, pesticides etc;**)

I’m finding that many people love it as it gives space for a free sex, independent sort of dynamic interaction. It is a wonderful catalyst or space to attract.

It is not sustainable.
Masculine heterosexual men are NOT attracted to masculinity.
Which is the huge gorilla in the room.

When it’s wrapped up in a beautiful package they may initially be fooled. (Especially if they don’t have powerful relationships with Masculine Men – they may not consciously recognize the masculine signature).

They (and perhaps you) will initially mistake your energetic PENETRATION for MAGNETISM (The Lingam and the Yoni are the same tissue, they simply are distinct in size, shape which is due to having different FUNCTIONS – as above so below)

I realized this is a HUGE contributor to divorce. Eventually, he realizes you’ve been energetically and emotionally penetrating him and he feels VIOLATED and ANGRY. Often the woman is confused and feels betrayed because she’s always been that way. He then rejects her (by divorce or abandonment – physical or emotional)

It’s a sticky wicket. There’s no good bad, right wrong… there is just a strong illusion in the collective that can’t see what is going on.

I’m revealing it to you… what you do about it is between you and your free will my loves.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.
~Baba Richard Moore and Sri Namaste Moore

** The Lorax Movie is a WONDERFUL place to see how a collective wound/imbalance can be normalized and the truth forgotten – it also shows how it only requires a few to be remembered again~~